Dave's Bae is Crowfall's Fae


According to a tweet made by Crowfall's Art Lead, Dave Greco, the newly released Fae Assassin is now his bae - er I mean, girlfriend. Dave figured the wife wouldn't approve and Crowfall seconded that saying, "Yeah Dave, you might what to rethink that one." Dave, Dave, Dave... What a character lol.

The Fae Assassin has a brand new fancy archetype page which includes an in-game photo along with a back story and concept art.

I had a brother, once… for a few minutes. I think I was born first?
The Farewell Kiss is swift and painless. We are not monsters, after all. No one needs to suffer. 
Some mothers cry. Some plead for assistance. My mother did neither. 
For generations, this has been our practice. For generations, we have known peace. 
Men do not belong in the Riverlands…. not even the breeders. They are captured, they serve their purpose, and they are killed. Many treat their enemies less kindly, I think. 
Think of the worst tyrant in history. How many lives could have been saved – how many wars averted – by a sharp blade, at the moment of his birth? 
Why did I say HIS birth? 
You know why. When I asked you to think of a tyrant, no woman crossed your mind. One life, for many. Quite the bargain, yes? 
I say to you: the Hunger is not your enemy. Your enemy walks among you, charming and handsome, with a tongue full of lies.
 I don't know about all of you, but being of the male gender, I am pretty scared for my life. Then again, she says that many treat their enemies less kindly (or so she thinks) so maybe going out in that manner isn't too bad? For the Fae, man seems to be the enemy, the tyrant that they seek out to destroy.

We also have gotten a new look at her stats. Compared to the Legionnaire who is a Melee-DPS class, his statistics focus on Strength Dexterity, Spirit, and Intellect in that order.

If you look at that photo on the right side, it is a in-game shot of the Fae Assassin fighting the Hunger-infected Fall Gryphon. If you saw the Fall Gryphon concept art, it's amazing how well they brought it to life and replicated it to the t. If you look closer, you can tell that the castle has Malekai banners draped on it's walls. I'm willing to bet my crush coins that this Fae is part of the Malekai.

What are your thoughts on the newly announced Fae Assassin? What are your thoughts on her specs and how she was created in-game? Any opinion on her backstory and how they built her?

Close-up of the Fae Assassin Game Footage

Fae Assassin Concept Art

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