For the past eight years, Wizard101 has been my home away from home. It may sound silly how a video game can mean so much to an individual, but Wizard101 didn't only introduce me to the MMO world, it introduced me to one of the greatest communities of my life. 

I have been blogging about Wizard101 for over four years, touching on the many aspects and content the game has to offer. I am proud to be a Thaumaturge, learning the many spells the Ice School has to offer. I can typically be found playing on Realm Scarecrow, Area 1 under one of my various characters, all named Blaze Shadowhorn.

Currently I am level 72, questing in the jungle world of Zafaria alongside many of my friends. If you ever see me running through the streets of the Baobab Market, feel free to say hi and maybe we can go do a quest or two together. You never know who you'll run into throughout the vast Spiral.

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