SMITE Community Icon Giveaway


One of SMITE's largest fansites has been gracious enough to provide me with this month's giveaway. Would you like to win an exclusive in-game icon representing Smite Community? Want to find out if you won in the March giveaway?

For those of you who don't know who or what Smite Community is, they are one of the largest and main fansites for SMITE who's primary goal is to help the community play as a whole; making it fun for everyone while also being able to support one another. At SC, the staff has a very unique motivation compared to other fansites in which they truly work hard to build bonds with their fans. Instead of not knowing who they are and being just another face in the crowd, the SC staff goes out of their way to connect with their fans and actually play with them on many occasions. After all, what's a community if people don't talk?

Piikaabee, a SC Twitch admin and long term staff member said the following.

"We [SC] want [our] audience to be positive, hyped, fun and competitive but supportive of each other. That's what we're built on."

Currently SC is undergoing a huge revamp (hence their site being in Maintenance Mode) but their Twitch Stream is still up and running! I highly recommend you go over there and show them some support.

For this month's giveaway, Smite Community has been kind enough to send us a code for an exclusive in-game icon allowing you to show off your SC support. This icon was only available if you won a SC giveaway in the past. We've got one icon, and one only for you to take home today. Are you ready to win this?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Many of you may be wondering who won the various SMITE giveaways that were done in March. I am proud to present to you those winners. If you would like to view them in the RaffleCopter widget, click here for the PAX codes and click here for the Jack the Reaper code.

Alienware Ra - Rafael Rodriguez
Convention 2015 Tyr - Brendyn
Xbox One SMITE Alpha Code - Chris

Jack the Reaper + Thanatos God Unlock - 
John Light

Winners have already been sent their codes to their emails. 

Once again thank you all for entering the March giveaways and I wish you the best of luck with the April giveaway.

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  1. because it is not very common Smite and interesting game

  2. Damm :'( , have you John Light twitter ?

  3. The game is just amazing! The 3rd person perspective is refreshing, the Gods and lore are interesting and very detailed and the gameplay is perfectly paced and balanced, so that a good Conquest game is always around 30 minutes or less.
    Can't stop playing! :oD

  4. Because Smite is based on skill shots and it is a third person camera.

  5. because its third person... better than LoL at least.

  6. Smite is the best MOBA in my opinion.

  7. Smite is really the best moba there is so many skill shots...

  8. because i love the 3rd person style different from other moba games

  9. Smite offers a unique and fun perspective for MOBAs

  10. Because it is more fun than other mobas because of third person camera and it's community ain't that bad jet.

  11. Because Smite is best MOBA there is.