SMITE Sale: 50% Off Voice Packs and Skins!


Over the past few days, SMITE has been having sale after sale. Two days ago I noticed that they were having a 50% off all Voice Packs sale and being me, I wanted to jump on this opportunity.

I am one of those guys who can only truly enjoy a skin if I have the voice pack as well. It's a bit weird, but it just doesn't feel right playing without a vp. Upon the vp sale announcement, I checked out the SMITE Datamining website to see if there were going to be any skin sales coming up that I would be interested in. I didn't come across any that jumped out at me so I decided to pass on this sale.

Earlier today, SMITE announced that they were now having a 50% off all skins that were released prior to 2015. I now regret not jumping on the vp sale more than you could ever imagine. This sale would continue through February 10th but to make sure I don't forget, I grabbed myself 800 gems so I could purchase the High Seas Sobek skin (300g) along with the accompanying voice pack (200g).

Now I have 300 gems and no idea what to do with them. I tend to play as either Support/Hunter/Mage/Assassin. After looking through all the gods and the various skins, I figured I would try out Ullr and Chaac to see which I felt more comfortable playing. The god I felt more comfortable with would determine which skin I bought; The Survivor Ullr (200g) or Slaughterhouse Chaac (300g).

As I mentioned above, I primarily play as a Hunter. It's sad to say but I never really played as Ullr except for when he first came out. Same with Chaac, except I tried my luck with him once or twice (but Warriors aren't really my strength). After playing with both for a bit of time, I'm still unsure of which skin I want. I like Slaughterhouse a lot more than The Survivor but I am better with Ullr. Decisions, decisions.

On the other hand, I do still have 19,600 Favor from when I bought the God Pack over the summer. Maybe I'll get a re-color skin (Freya?) and a vp. Who knows!

Knowing myself, I'll probably end up picking The Survivor. I won't be able to get the voice pack just yet but I'll wait it out until another free gem weekend comes around. Which of the two skins would you pick if we were talking about aesthetics only and not how well you play the god?


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