Cognitive Gaming Picks Up What's Kraken Roster


After the SMITE World Championships 2014, Cognitive Red and Cognitive Prime went their separate ways. It was just announced that Cognitive will be picking up the roster of What's Kraken for the 2015 year.

Jigz, the support and captain for What's Kraken first announced the exciting news on Reddit and within seconds, the news traveled through the SMITE community.

"We can't wait to represent COG throughout the upcoming year and we'll do our best to live up to the name and legacy of improvement that the past Cognitive teams have created." -Jigz
What's Kraken's team is made up of very dedicated and hard-working players - some of the best in eSports.

The following is excerpted from the Reddit post.

Jigz (Support, Captain) - Twitter || Twitch
FaymousHate (ADC) - Twitter || Twitch
Hurriwind (Mid) - Twitter || Twitch
Mask (Jungle) - Twitter || Twitch
Meerkat (Solo) - Twitter || Twitch

In addition, Eonic made a video recaping Cognitive Gaming's journey over the years with the big announcement at the end. What can SMITE expect from What's Kraken in Season 2? With Cognitive behind them, we are sure to see greatness emerge from these passionate players.

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