Crowfall Pricing and Member Benefits Announced


Many of our questions have finally been answered in regards to Crowfall's pricing and other options pertaining to a USD value. ArtCraft released the following statement in their new Pricing FAQ.

"Crowfall is a “buy once, play forever” game. That means that you buy the game once (estimated retail price of USD $50.) and you can play for the life of the game, without ever paying us again! We also offer an optional VIP membership..."
 You heard right, Crowfall is one-time pay! This means you will never have to spend another penny over the $50 price if you do not want to. When purchasing the game, you will get three character slots along with one "passive-training" slot which allows you to train a character even when you are offline.

On the other hand, Crowfall will have a few things you can purchase for a USD price.

  • VIP Membership Tickets
  • Cosmetic items that do not affect gameplay
  • Account level services (such as increasing your number of character slots, or the size and population caps of your personal kingdom).

At the moment, VIP tickets don't have a definite price but ArtCraft said that they will be around the $15 range. Crowfall intends for the VIP membership to be entirely optional, allowing anyone to play the game without needing it. The VIP membership will entitle you to the following benefits.

  • “Behind the scenes” access to the development of the game
  • VIP members can use passive training for all 3 character slots (not just 1)
  • Priority access to all game servers
  • VIP frame / badge on the forums
  • Discount pricing on any purchases
  • Other cool (non-balance affecting) benefits as we think of them!

There are lots of remarkable benefits that come with the VIP package. What are your thoughts on the pricing? Do you like how it wont be a monthly fee unless you want the VIP membership? What are your thoughts on the benefits of the VIP membership?

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1 comment:

  1. This is what ruins MMOs! Stop with the class system where you lock the best features behind additional fees! So if I don't pay up monthly for VIP, in penalized? I didn't pay so I can only pass on passives to 1 character vice 3? You know, I can live with that. I like a bit more struggle in my game rather than skyrocketing my way to having everything like too many games offer (wow FREE max level toon upon purchase of expansion is one example). However, PRIORITY ACCESS? So if I don't pay, I am forced to wait longer to log into the game? I'll continue to play GW2, where I'm not treated like a second class citizen for the crime of BUYING THE DAMN GAME AND NOTHING MORE!