I am one of the many fortunate players who got to experience SMITE in it's very early Beta stages. If I said it hasn't changed much, I would be saying nothing short of a lie.

We have had numerous gods and goddesses added to the game along with various new game modes and maps. The updates never end!

When first signing up for SMITE, I was playing lots of World of Warcraft and decided to carry over my name from there. If you ever enter a match with Ithrein, you now know who you are playing with lol.

I normally play Arena or 3v3 but have recently started getting back into Conquest matches. My class of choice has to either be Mage or Hunter as those are the two I've played the longest. Typically though, I can be found playing a Mage, Hunter, Support, or Assassin. I've tried Warriors but they just don't fit me right.

I wish I could say I'm a skin collector but my pockets aren't THAT deep. I do have a wide collection though ranging from Sacred Dragon Ao Kuang to Infinity Wave He Bo, Blind Vengeance Nemesis to Infiltrator Loki. Can't forget the always crazy Shaolin Monk-ey Hun Batz! I also have a bad habit of needing to get the voice pack for any god I have a skin for. I just don't feel right playing a skinned god without a matching voice pack! Then again, go big or go home.

I'm always up to playing SMITE with new people so if you ever want to run through a match, feel free to add me and send me a PM when I'm on!

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