Saying I was overjoyed when I first got word of ArtCraft Entertainment and their new MMO, Crowfall, would be an understatement. A "Throne War Simulator" MMO, what's that?
As ArtCraft put it,

"It [Crowfall] has elements in common with strategy games, political simulators, survival games… and a few elements that don’t really exist anywhere else."

Crowfall is supposed to be unlike any other MMO in the world, offering something unique to a  market of hardcore dedicated gamers. I was lucky enough to get placed in Beta Group #1 for Crowfall. At the moment, we don't really know much about when Beta will start or what it will be like. The countdown continues for another few weeks, ending on February 24th when the "puzzle" ArtCraft has laid out for us will reveal itself.

On a weekly basis, ArtCraft releases teasers for Crowfall on both Tuesday and Thursday. Every gamer awaits this as we get to see either a new piece of concept art, a new archetype announced or even some in game footage!

The excitement seen in the growing Crowfall community will surely be around for years to come and I cannot wait to see where it goes.

A first look at the Centaur Legionnaire.

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