Ragnarok Radio is a podcast I theorized for Hi-Rez Studios hit MOBA, SMITE. I brought together some of the communities largest personalities and then we would cover all the newest content with unique segments every episode.
Created: September 2015

Crush the Throne is a fansite/forum theorized and developed by myself for ArtCraft Entertainment's newest MMORPG, Crowfall. The website acts as a central hub for gamers to find anything relating to Crowfall ranging from guides, tips, tools along with meeting other players. 
Created: December 2014

"Probably the largest and most active Crowfall forum."
-Shawn Schuster, former Editor-in-Chief at

Tales of the Spiral is a blog I've run for 5 years for KingsIsle Entertainment's hit MMORPG's, Wizard101 and Pirate101. I discuss new game content, engage with the readers through unique segments along with bringing my own angle to certain aspects of the game.
Created: September 2010

Knights of the Dragon Rose is a fansite for ArtCraft Entertainment's newest MMORPG, Crowfall, where we help you create a team within our guild, matching you up with players in your same Beta Group.
Created: December 2014

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