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As the MLG NOLA LAN quickly approaches, we took a moment to talk to our Xbox solo-laner, Derik “Dwurst” Wurst to find out more about him and to see what the team mentality is going into such a large event.
Without further adue, I give you the one and only legend himself, Dwurst.

Shadowhorn: So Dwurst, every gamer has a story. When and with what console did you start gaming and how did you eventually find your way into the SMITE scene?

Dwurst: Console wise I went Playstation 2 > Gamecube > Xbox 360 > Xbox one starting back in grade school. I first found SMITE from a RoosterTeeth video in the summer of 2013 but didn't start playing until after watching Squiiddish stream.

Shadowhorn: That’s really interesting! I guess you’ve had your fair share of console gaming then. In regards to SMITE, at what point while playing SMITE did you realize you were “that good” and how did you end up on No Remorse?

Dwurst: I joined No Remorse after they beat my team Jumping is Useless in one of the first Xbox One SMITE tournaments.

Shadowhorn: And look where that has led you! How do you feel your team performance has changed since being picked up by Team Eager? Is there a different atmosphere?

Dwurst: After joining Eager we're playing to get better as opposed to always playing to win and it's caused a much friendlier atmosphere.

Shadowhorn: I’m glad to hear it. When you are comfortable and committed to what you do, success will show and make its way forward. Here at Eager, you fill the Solo Lane role for the Xbox One team. If you had to pick one god, any god within the entire game to be your favorite, who would it be and why?

Dwurst: My favorite god would have to be Ra, because nothing beats hitting a good snipe.

Shadowhorn: Nothing beats a hot Ra snipe. Oh god I did it again… Moving on to the LAN. With the MLG New Orleans LAN in the near future, how have you specifically prepared for it? How about the team as a whole and what are your thoughts going into the LAN?

Dwurst: The team and I have been struggling through the current frame issues brought on by the most recent patch in order to prepare as best as possible for the upcoming NOLA event. I just hope the game is fixed in time.

Shadowhorn: Hi-Rez is always on top of it so I’m sure it’ll get taken care of beforehand. Now here’s something interesting I wanted to bring up. Some players have pre-match rituals or good luck charms with them when they compete. Do you have anything of the sorts? How do you get hyped before a match so that you can play on your highest level?

Dwurst: I wash my eyes and contacts before every big game or tournament.

Shadowhorn: Smart man! That can definitely help improve your vision and clarity when competing on such a high level. Here’s something that’s been a hot topic for quite some time. Many people within the SMITE community believe that it’s pretty easy to go from being a PC player to all of a sudden playing on the Xbox One. What’s your take on this? Is it true and do you see any specific differences between the two consoles? God balances, itemization, etc.

Dwurst: Obviously a lot of the current top players on SMITE for Xbox One are players that originated on the PC, however there have been players from PC that have played without finding success.

Both Kiki and Aror have played in tournaments on Xbox One and that didn't go too well for them. It takes time to pick up the game after the switch, which is frustrating in its own; knowing what to do but being unable to do it.

There are definitely some differences between top picks on Xbox One and PC, one being that the Xbox One is always a patch or two behind, but you'll also see more gods with more difficult to hit abilities not favored.

Due to an increased difficulty in aiming, for example, Rama is almost never picked on Xbox One.

Shadowhorn: That’s a good point and quite interesting regarding the god picks and aim. You can never win at everything. Speaking about the community, the SMITE community is a large one and is growing every day! If you had to pick one member from Hi-Rez to be your Senpai, who would it be and why?

Dwurst: Scott Gandhi, so he can teach me to be more savage.

Shadowhorn: Haha that’s awesome. I’m sure Scott would be open to teaching you a trick or too.
Dwurst, thank you so much for taking the time to go through this interview and teach the SMITE community alittle bit more about yourself. Are there any last details that you want the community to know about you?

Dwurst: Not at the moment, thanks for the interview!

And there you have it folks. That concludes our interview with Dwurst, the Solo Laner for our Xbox One team. If you would like to keep up to date with Dwurst, please throw him a follow on his Twitter and Twitch.

Remember, the LAN is on October 11th and you can still help send our team to it! Please take a moment to check our GoFundMe page and consider making a donation to help send our players. Any amount counts and we will truly appreciate your contribution.

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