MLG NOLA LAN – An Eager Overview


SMITE fans, if you haven’t been living under a rock you have more than likely heard of MLG NOLA, the first SMITE Xbox One LAN to hit the scene!

We were fortunate enough to take part in it thanks to both the efforts of our players and your support, and so we’d like to recap all of this past weekend’s highlights with you.
First off, thank you once again for your support in our GoFundMe campaign. You helped us raise $940 to send our team to the LAN and we appreciate every penny. Second, your support on Twitter and in the stream chats was amazing! We love seeing your enthusiasm and it not only motivates the players but the organization as a whole. Keep it up!
Day one started off with a matchup against Nerd eSports which would eventually become the first 2-0 of the LAN. Deicides came out along with sprees a plenty. Solo-Laner, Dwurst would undoubtedly be called the MVP of this entire set due to going 17-0 throughout both matches. To learn more about Day 1, read our recap!
Come Day two, the pressure was on. It was make it or break it as the players picked up their gods to face off against Resist Gaming. After a completely one-sided battle for Release Gaming in match one, Eager turn the tides at the very end to secure a comeback, and the victory. With the momentum on our side, we overpowered Release in match two, securing our spot in the Semifinals. 
In Semis we faced Aware Gaming. Match one flew by with Eager taking it 1-0, leading into Match two where Jellly would easily be considered MVP after going 7-1 with Athena in the duo lane. In the final match, every player on the side of Eager (except for Dwurst) claimed at least 4 kills, ultimately ending the set 24-8 with a Surrender Vote on the side of Aware. We saw incredible gameplay from both teams, yet Eager took the reins once again for a 2-0 leading into the Grand Finals!
Grand Finals at a LAN are never easy. We fought the powerhouse of Team eLevate in the finals. The performance of our players brought gasps of awe from gamers all around, and really highlighted top-level Xbox Smite play.
We took to the battlegrounds, unfortunately losing match one but came back to secure the kills in match two! Match three in the Best of Five was an interesting one as it would set the stage for the winning team. After many engagements and comebacks on the side of Eager, match three and four ended up in the favor of eLevate.
It was a great effort on all sides, but unfortunately we weren’t able to secure the win.
Although we might not have taken 1st Place, we did end up in 2nd Place and are proud to have come this far! Thank you to everyone who supported us throughout the LAN and we can’t wait to show you what else we have in store for the coming weeks. Practice makes perfect, so stay tuned for your dosage of Eager News.

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