MLG NOLA Day 1: Team Eager vs Nerd eSports


A new atmosphere takes over the SMITE Xbox Community as its first LAN kicks off with MLG NOLA!

Team Eager came into this LAN with one goal in mind: to take home that first place prize. Countless weeks of training became evident in match one against Nerd eSports, leaving Eager to run with an outstanding first set in their LAN matches.
Picks and Bans for game one came out with unique gods all around. Solo-laner, Dwurst would undoubtedly be considered the MVP for not only match one, but match two as well. Finishing off with a KD of 17-0 throughout the entire set  [10-0 | 7-0], playing with both Osiris and Sun Wukong, Dwurst showcased why he is considered one of the best in the world.
Kill after kill, objective after objective, a final teamfight under the base led to a Deicide for Team Eager, leading them 1-0 into match number two.
If you thought match one was crazy, match two had double the intensity and tons of kills for the entire team to share.
First blood was drawn by Dwurst (Sun Wu!kong) as he slew the opponent Rebullz (Hades). Not long after, AirCougar (Anhur) had a kill, andMattKoiz (Thor) had a kill and to top it all off, Jellly (Ymir) found a kill as well! Seven minutes into match two, all the members of Team Eager (minusSamBam) had at least one kill, bringing the score to 5-1.
But wait, we’re just getting started. Seven more minutes into the match, the kills have now nearly tripled! One ultimate led to another under the Tier 2 Mid Tower giving AirCougar the perfect positioning to secure a Double Kill. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s 14 kills at 14 minutes. Can you believe it?
At this point of the game, Team Eager had already done well over 2,000 Structure Damage while Nerd eSports was sitting on a mere 53 damage, that’s roughly one to two basic attacks! As if that wasn’t enough, Dwurst was leading in Player Damage hitting 7,925 at 15 and a half minutes in, approximately 4,737 more damage than the opposing Rebullz (Hades) who was leading the damage for Nerd.
Killing Sprees were a common occurrence throughout the match, with each player of Team Eager achieving this spectacular feat. As a grouping of blue made its way up the right lane, breezing through the opposing Phoenixes, a well-earned GG was called out and Team Eager closed out their first match of the MLG LAN with a 2-0 against Nerd eSports. 
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