Going into the Fall Split, SMITE fans didn’t know exactly what they would see coming from Team Eager after a rough start in Weeks 1-4.
As Week 5 of the SMITE Pro League Fall Split was getting ready to kick off, Smite fans were sitting at their desk, headphones on and waiting for what chat was predicting to be yet another clean sweep by the undefeated AFK Gaming. Picks and Bans take place as players arrive to their respective lanes when all of a sudden, 47 seconds in, CycloneSpin (Odin) Lunges forward to clear the wave but is met by Omega (Hercules) throwing him back with Earthbreaker followed by Driving Strike pushing him into the tower range! Will this be first blood? One hit, two hit, three hit and four. Omega claims the soul of CycloneSpin who Bart calls, “the best player in the world, question mark?” Little did Twitch Chat know that this was the first of many surprises to come within match one of Team Eager vs. AFK Gaming.
As the match progressed, kills were thrown about and Fire Giants were started. AFK Gaming came back with 5 kills at the peak yet that wasn’t enough to hold down the fort against Team Eager. At the 31 minute mark, a fight breaks down in the right jungle as the action closes in on the Phoenix, taking down not one, not two, not three, not four but five members of AFK Gaming! Team Eager successfully claims a Deicide which leads to a Phoenix and Titan to fall in their favor ending the undefeated reign of AFK as the best team in the world.
Many thought this was Team Eager’s first shutdown they’ve had but that’s not so! Earlier on in the 2015 Summer Split, the same thing happened as Team Eager took down the undefeated Cloud 9 in Week 5 of the SPL.
Team Eager has shown that they are more than capable of competing with the pros and have the capability to be at the top, currently sitting in the 2ndplace seat in NA and tied for 3rd in the world.
The SMITE scene can expect to see many more great things come from Team Eager who has their eyes set on the World Championships. Will they be lifting Mjolnir this year? Stay tuned for more and we’ll see you on the battlegrounds.

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