The New Face of Gaming (Giveaway + Info)


ShadowhornGG - the new face of gaming. After many weeks of hard work, I am proud to announce the new me. What's new and why the hype? Keep reading to find out & learn how you can enter my giveaway.

I love gaming communities. I spent 5 years working as a fansite owner and as you may very well know, there is no game without a community. Where are the discussions, friendly interactions and giveaways? Being able to engage with fellow community members is one thing I love about video games which is why I have finally decided to take it to the next level and start streaming.

Yup! You heard me right. is where I'm able to be found. My current schedule consists of streaming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3pm - 7pm PST. Asides from that, I may or may not stream on weekends depending on what I have going on. If I am streaming on the weekend, it will most likely be me recording a video for YouTube. Wait, YouTube? More of that below.

Streaming begins on Tuesday, August 4th at 3pm PST

You'll see me streaming a large assortment of games from SMITE to Portal, Brawlhalla to Surgeon Simulator, CS:GO and tons more. The games are limitless as I'm here to put on a show for you, and if you really, really and I mean really want to see Robot Unicorn Attack (of all the games in the world), then maybe I can see about throwing that in one day...... Oh god.

While looking into streaming, I was also introduced to and found myself getting into another side of the community, YouTube. After looking into it, doing research and spending hours editing together videos, I'm proud to announce the ShadowhornGG YouTube Channel.

Being the Community Manager for Titan, I'm on social media 24/7 because that's basically my job. Due to this and my new endeavors, I have upgraded and expanded my social media basis.
I have everything covered in addition to Twitter, because if you didn't tweet about it, did it really happen? Of course not! If you aren't doing so yet, drop a follow on my Twitter, say hello and let's talk!.


If you still can't tell, I want to interact with you guys as much as possible. I don't want you to feel like I'm a dude on a screen who never talks to his chat or responds to people's tweets. On the contrary, I want to be that open individual who's always looking to meet a new person and make someone else smile. So what are you waiting for? Come interact with me and see what my life is like.

Here's a secret, I even made it that much easier for you by having all platforms be the same username (@ShadowhornGG). Wasn't that nice of me? The only exception is Twitter and seeing as I work for Titan, you can find me at @Titan_Shadowhrn.
Now, as many of you may or may not know, I'm a big fan of giveaways. I thought to myself, what's a huge milestone such as this without a celebratory giveaway? I want to give back to all of you who allow me to do this. Without your support, I honestly don't know where I would be.

I wanted to keep this giveaway versatile, something that anyone from any game would want which is why I finally decided to give away the following prizes.
  • $20 Steam Gift Card
  • $15 worth of any in-game credit (RP, Gems, Crowns, Gold, etc.)
  • 400 Gems
  • Madame Darkness Nox
  • G.I. Zhong Kui
  • SMITE Xbox One Cutesy Medusa Icon

First off, the giveaway will be split into two different widgets. One for General prizes such as the Steam gift card and $15 credit while the second will be specifically for SMITE prizes.

You may be wondering what I mean by the $15 worth. If you win this, you get $15 for whatever game you please. I did the calculations and they come out as follows:

$15 in-game credit = 800 Gems (SMITE) | 2,030 RP (LoL) | 12,000 Gold (HoTS) | 7,500 Crowns (W101)

I don't know about you but that's some pretty good cash right there. You want to know the best part about this giveaway? Anyone can win!

Gleam is a simple widget where you login, submit your entries and then when the giveaway ends, it will randomly select the winners. How simple is that?

All of this being said and done, I really hope you will join me on this adventurous journey and wish you the best of luck with the giveaway. 

ShadowhornGG Kickoff Giveaway 
ShadowhornGG Kickoff Giveaway (General)

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  1. This is a nice generous give away

  2. Thanks for this chance shadow you rock :D

  3. "What makes you want to continue watching a streamer? What do you enjoy and what do you dislike?"

    I don't mind watching more educational players, in games I want to learn. But I usually prefer watching streamers who are enjoying themselves, having fun, even chatting with groups and cutting jokes. it just makes it more entertaining.

  4. I enjoy streamers who are able to teach me something about the game I want to play. Especially for Smite, I look to youtube and Twitch for knowledge on new strategies or how to play better. A running commentary on what you're doing and why would really help with this.

  5. You seem like rad dude. Good luck getting everything up and running.

  6. This giveaway is awesome. Can't wait to see more :))))

  7. Thx for doing this! Looking forward to see what Titan's got for Fall Split

  8. Learning new tactics or someone that is interactive with chat makes me interested in a streamer.

  9. You are so nice, and awesome for doing this :DD

  10. Don't mind me, just here to comment for entries.